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Eugenio Maslowski

An energetic powerhouse, this chemical engineer has years of experience working with multinationals and high net worth clients, which also developed and combines his strategic and tactic thinking. He is a natural Entrepreneur. He is passionate about his job and traveling. Creative and with an engaging personality.

Danixa Montero

Highly-motivated, efficient and organised woman who is willing to tackle any challenge in a pragmatic and professional demeanor. She has worked in concierge services for over a decade having a portfolio of more than 1.500 families, executives and investors throughout Europe, Middle East and South Pacific countries.


Our services as a concierge

The investment of 39000€ includes the following benefits:
  • Referral Fee (Agents WORLDWIDE);
  • Access to the Portuguese Office that will offer 12 months of property management in Portugal (including islands);
  • Introduction to the attorney firms that will provide all related services for the Golden Visas:
  • Financial Planning prior to moving to Portugal, if needed;
  • Immigration process with the government agencies;
  • Process guidance from resident to citizen;
  • Legal assistance for real estate purchases;
  • Investment and fiscal consulting in Portugal;
  • Opening of bank accounts with Portuguese banks;
  • Welcome services upon arrival to Portugal: hotel reservations, car rental with or without drivers, cultural immersion to the Portuguese customs and other issues of interest as an investor in the country;
  • Networking with all institutions that offer services and benefits of the “Golden Visas”.
  • Access to 100% of the real estate properties in continental and insular territory that comply with the “Golden Visas” regulations;
  • All expediting services available in Portugal.
  • 24/7 Customer Care
SSG VIP Services will collect 10000€ non-refundable retainer to initiate the contacts with the attorney firms, the domestic real estate service and all services related to the “Golden Visas” process. These funds will be credited to the 39,000€ concierge service contract.
The privacy of our clients is paramount. Confidentiality and Privacy agreements between the attorney firms and SSG Concierge Services VIP are incorporated in this agreement and cover the required profile to obtain the Portuguese “Golden Visas”.

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Andrea Messina "With SSG I managed to fulfill my dream of living in Europe and giving my family a stable life in every way. Since we are European citizens, we are happy"
Juan Carlos Jaramillo "After experiencing a crisis in my home country, I did not see any way out. However, thanks to the SSG Concierge services, I managed to overcome myself and now I have a new life in Europe and the world"
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