Portugal, the perfect gateway to Europe

Portugal is the best option to enter Europe

Obtaining Portuguese Residency or Citizenship
will allow access to 27 countries of the European Community.

Without reusing your passport you could become a
citizen of this conglomerate of countries, and at the same time
establish residence in the site that you have.


Portugal is more than just a destination

The Portuguese country has won some of the most important nominations for the 2020 World Travel Awards. After being named 'Best destination in the world' in 2019, it has also confirmed its success in other equally suggestive categories. In this 27th edition it has become, among other things, the 'Best destination in Europe'. But also in the 'Best beach destination' and in the 'Best destination for city breaks' on the European continent.


Portugal: Europe's best kept secret

The third most important passport in the world

Access more than 140 countries

The Portuguese passport is currently the third most valuable in the world due to the number of countries it allows you to travel to without the need for a visa. Portugal allows its nationals the possibility of traveling to 142 countries without having to go through long visa procedures. In addition to this, the international mobility ranking consigns Portugal as the second best destination in the world for international investors who wish to obtain a second residence.

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