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The word concierge originates from the Latin conservous. Louis XI first used the word for the trusted staff who would address any and every need his royal guests may have.  
As a global citizen, you are in need of a 24/7 concierge for your lifestyle.

Financial planning prior to moving to Portugal, if needed

Plan your physical move to Portugal

Welcome services upon arrival (hotel, transportation, etc)

Introduction to additional services (cultural, social, etc)

Support with the immigration process until becoming Portuguese citizens

Guidance opening Portuguese banking accounts

Access to 100% of the real estate properties available in Portugal

Legal, accounting and tax services, guidance through the three-year immigration process

Assistance finding schools, domestic staff, etc


Portugal: Europe's best kept secret

The 3rd most important passport in the world

Access more than 140 countries

The Portuguese passport is currently the third most valuable in the world due to the number of countries it allows you to travel to without the need for a visa. Portugal allows its nationals the possibility of traveling to 142 countries without having to complete lengthy visa procedures. In addition to this, the international mobility ranking consigns Portugal as the second best destination in the world for international investors who wish to obtain a second residence.

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The Government of Portugal announced several changes to the “Golden Visas Portugal” program, effective as of January 1, 2022. Among the changes that have been announced, it is important to highlight that Lisbon, Porto and Algarve are eliminated as locations to invest in Goods and roots.
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Andrea Messina "With Concierge Services I managed to fulfill my dream of living in Europe and giving my family a stable life in every way. Since we are European citizens, we are happy"
Juan Carlos Jaramillo "After experiencing a crisis in my home country, I did not see any way out. However, thanks to the SSG Concierge services, I managed to overcome myself and now I have a new life in Europe and the world"

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