What is the Golden Visa?

What does the Golden Visa program consist of?

The Golden Visa in Portugal has existed since 2012 and was created as a way to allow non-EU citizens the right to obtain a residence permit in exchange for a 6-year real estate investment. The Golden Visa program has not only helped people live and work in the area, it has also done wonders for the local economy. Almost six billion euros are said to have been invested in Portugal since the program was launched.

The Portuguese Golden Visa can give you the opportunity to obtain European citizenship after a certain visa period, this being its main attraction and it is also one of the most popular citizenship by investment programs both in Europe and in the world, due to relatively affordable property prices (one of the lowest EU capitals), Portugal is a safe country to live in with a good quality of life and health care.

With an excellent transport system and internationally recognized universities, the city of Lisbon is one of the most ecological cities in the world, with one of the best climates in continental Europe together with the best flag beaches, which makes it a very popular option. attractive for tourists and investors.
Those who gain access to Portuguese citizenship by investment only need to spend a minimum period of 14 days in the country, either consecutively or intermittently, within each 2-year visa period, retaining all the benefits that come with being a resident. of the EU, including the visa. -Free unlimited travel and the option to live, work and study in Portugal.

Holders of a Portuguese Golden Visa card receive a temporary residence permit in Portugal for two years, renewable for another two years. At the end of year 5, Golden Visa holders can apply for permanent residence or Portuguese citizenship, if all other legal requirements are met.

The Portuguese and Portugal Golden Visa program has proven to be an extremely attractive option; Its relatively low cost of living with beautiful scenery, rich history and culture, coupled with a very high level of safety and security, have been major reasons why it has become so popular.

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